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About Us

Crimson Ant Investment Management Limited manages Crimson Ant Natural Resources Fund LP, a closed end private equity fund based in the Cayman Islands with offices in Hong Kong, Perth, London and Malaysia.

The Fund’s investment focus is metal, mineral and energy assets, related infrastructure and services, in the natural resources sector globally across the value curve from exploration through to and including development, feasibility studies, optimisation, commissioning and production stages.

The highly qualified and on-the-ground-experienced Crimson Ant team possesses a unique combination of high level business acumen in specialised areas of fund and portfolio management, finance, financial and corporate structuring, capital markets, mining engineering and operation, commodity analysis, as well as an intimate knowledge of the subtleties of achieving successful negotiations in various parts of the world.

The Crimson Ant team is distinguished in its acute business acumen, high profile achievements and proven successes in the resources sector operations and wealth creation. The Crimson Ant team has been involved in creating wealth of >A$2 billion for investors in the resource sector.

Crimson Ant’s investment philosophy and strategy is collaboration and partnership between investees and investors. Crimson Ant aims to value-add to our investments by providing, in addition to capital, access to our team’s experience and expertise, our network and the network of Crimson Ant’s own strategic investors.

Crimson Ant Quick Facts

  • Assets under management ~$250m
  • We provide funding, experience, expertise and the network of Crimson Ant strategic investors
  • Successful track record of creating wealth of >A$2 billion for resource investors