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Investment Committee

Jyn Sim Baker

Murray Stewart

Graeme Baker

Norm Sanders

Eduard Will

Mr Will has >40 years experience in merchant banking, investment and corporate advisory, acquiring and building businesses.

Currently, Mr Will is also the Vice Chairman of Hong Kong based Ricco Capital Limited, leading its entry into the China market with inward and outward investments concentrating on private equity, wealth management, private placement of Chinese foreign funds and M&As. In addition, Mr Will is the Vice Chairman of Emerson Radio (USA), and as Director and advisor of Ithaca Technologies LLC (NY USA), Integrated Data Corporation (PA USA), South East Group (Hong Kong).

In 1990s, Mr Will was CEO of Boca Research/Inprimus (Florida), Chairman and CEO of International Business of Infomatec AG (Germany), spearheading their Asian entry. Managing Director of Asian Oceanic Limited (Cigna’s Asian investment bank in Hong Kong) and partner in American investment bank Bear Sterns & Co in London and New York.

In 1970s, Mr Will was based in Frankfurt and established and ran the M&A business in Germany of Morgan Guaranty Trust Company of New York.  Then in London he headed the international M&A for Amex Bank Ltd, and after that was Executive Director-M&A of Bank of America International Ltd.  Mr Will started his career at MM Warburg-Brinckmann, Wirtz & Co.

Crimson Ant Quick Facts

  • Assets under management ~$250m
  • We provide funding, experience, expertise and the network of Crimson Ant strategic investors
  • Successful track record of creating wealth of >A$2 billion for resource investors