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Investment Strategy

Investment Objective

Crimson Ant will invest in quality projects and companies in the resource sector and related infrastructure and services, that will provide high rates of return, expected to be low cost and profitable across the business cycles which offer commensurate returns for the risks involved.

Investment Philosophy

Crimson Ant’s investment philosophy is collaboration and partnership between investees and investors. Crimson Ant aims to value-add to our investments by providing, in addition to funding capital, access to our team’s experience and expertise, our network and the network of Crimson Ant’s own strategic investors. We would work with management to strengthen its strategic, financial and growth planning, directions and strategies by enhancing the business’ long term fundamentals. Crimson Ant is an engaged investor, and where Crimson Ant has a significant investment, Crimson Ant will seek active participation in management  by appointing a Director or representative  to the Board or management committee.

Investment Approach

Crimson Ant will invest directly in underlying projects for direct exposure and participation in natural resources, as well as taking equity in companies or entities that are the majority owners of underlying resources projects.

Crimson Ant pursues a flexible investment strategy and minimises risk exposure by using any one or more or a combination of investment methods, including but not limited to listed and unlisted equity at the project level, listed and unlisted shares or units in companies, entities, trusts, joint ventures and partnerships that own the resource projects, hybrid securities, convertible notes and bonds, other debt instruments with shares options, marketing or offtake rights to underlying projects and royalties.

Investments are structured according to the individual project and company circumstances but in line with existing overall portfolio risk matrix and investment guidelines.

Crimson Ant Quick Facts

  • Assets under management ~$250m
  • We provide funding, experience, expertise and the network of Crimson Ant strategic investors
  • Successful track record of creating wealth of >A$2 billion for resource investors